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Bloated comes in many forms and the most common is edema. Edema is a form of swelling that occurs when the body is experiencing inflammation. Inflammation on this level is a sign that your body is fighting off a foreign invader.

For the majority of us, edema is a daily part of existence because most of us have a lifestyle that includes consuming things that are so detrimental to our health that the body acts as if it were under constant attack. Restoring balance for our bodies through natural health treatment isn’t just a novelty; indeed, it is a absolute medical necessity.

Even medical doctors have begun to recognize that consistent inflammation over time is causing an entire array of serious medical conditions, not the least of which is fatal heart conditions. Dr. Lawrence Cohen wrote for Yale University about the connection between edema and congestive heart failure, reporting that a staggering 500,000 people a year face heart attacks and another 500,000 people a year undergo major heart surgery. We might consider this a wake up call. There are many causes of edema, but the most common are inactivity, malnutrition or bad diet, allergies, especially to certain foods, and many different medications, according to Medical News Today in a 2009 report. The irony in all this is, if most people went to a doctor for help with edema, he would likely prescribe weight loss and more medication!

Generally speaking, ridding our body of excess water in the tissue, which is what edema is, fights the symptom, not the problem, natural health treatment is working out what caused the edema in the first place, which is not enough exercise. If we are inactive, we need to get moving, regularly. This is what the body was designed for. If we are overweight, we need to seriously reconsider our food choices. Most people eat foods that their bodies simply cannot tolerate which leads to heart disease, tooth decay, and diabetes.

Though it may be difficult, if we truly want optimal health, the first step is to stop doing those things that make us perpetually ill, like consuming foods that were never meant for us to consume. The second is to start doing those things that are bodies were designed for, like moving around more. It will take some time for our bodies to regain that balance and there are, in fact, natural cures we can take that will help us in our fight to regain balance, like inflameric, which contains green tea and curcumin, an extract from the Indian spice, turmeric, a powerful free radical scavenger. Anyone who thinks such proactive, natural health treatments are time consuming and expensive ought to consider the time and money it costs to recover from heart surgery. The choice is yours.

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